Waterfalls of America

Waterfalls of Asia

Cinque Terre
Tucked away in the forgotten northeast corner of India (near its border with Bangladesh) sat this towering freefalling waterfall. It’s not often that you get a waterfall this tall with pretty reliable flow, which says something about the fact that it was still flowing when we visited in November 2009 following a particularly weak monsoon season. That made a lot of falls in this area suffer from lower-than-usual flows.
Affectionately referred to as the “husband and wife waterfall,” this pairing immediately made a deep impression to Julie and I thanks to the grand scene of having two waterfalls tumble side by side split by a giant rock. Backed by snowy mountains hinting at the wildness of Daisetsuzan’s backcountry, it further added to the dramatic scene.

Waterfalls of Europe

Cinque Terre
This towering waterfall surprised us with its ability to engage the hikers on an a dventurous path involving bouncy suspension bridges and high spiraling towers. Not only did we view the falls from spots typically reserved for birds or drones, but it also featured a couple of surprise natural bridges at its top! Indeed, the hits just kept coming on this excursion. They came hard and they came often! And by the end of the hike, I felt compelled to give this waterfall its props by barely fitting into the last position of this very competitive list!
This series of waterfalls dropping a cumulative 380m were Austria’s most well-known. And after we finally got to visit it, we could see why. Indeed, this place featured at least four major drops on the Krimmler Ache. Busy walking paths featuring overlooks allowed us to get a little sprayed while enjoying some mind blowing views (some of which yielded double rainbows on our visit). And if all the action was a bit too in-your-face, we found a panoramic overlook across the valley (like what you see pictured here) to take it all in with a single look. It was a long time coming, but we’re glad we were finally able to experience what lots of other people had been raving about. Thus, we had to give it a spot on this list.







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