The deserts of Africa

The deserts of Asia

Cinque Terre
Gobi Desert, the largest desert in Asia, promises stunning sand dunes, dinosaur fossils, warm hospitality from nomad families and friendly Bactrian camels. Spanning across 1,295,000 square kilometres, the desert lies in the dry region of the Tibetian Plateau, extending from northern China to Mongolia and passing through several trading cities along the historical Silk Road including Turpan, Hami and Dunhuang.
Covering around 70 percent of Turkmenistan, the Karakum Desert is a vast, sun-scorched expanse of sand dunes in Central Asia, with a sparse population that consists mainly of Turkmen. At the heart of the desert lies the Darvaza gas crater, also known as the “Door to Hell”—one of the most captivating and unusual sights of Turkmenistan. Initially set on fire by Soviet scientists to prevent the spread of poisonous methane gas in 1971.

The deserts of America

Cinque Terre
The Chihuahuan is the largest desert in North America, though the portion within the United States does not make it the largest desert in this particular country. The nearly 250,000 square- mile Chihuahuan Desert spans through Southern New Mexico, Eastern Arizona, portions of Southwest Texas, and then far South into Mexico's Central Highlands. The Sierra Madre Occidental borders the Chihuahuan Desert to the West and the Sierra Madre Oriental to the East. The 1,900-mile Rio Grande/Rio Bravo cuts through this sensitive ecosystem, which along with underground springs and small streams, provides the much-needed water supply.
The title for largest desert located entirely within the United States goes to the Great Basin Desert, which covers around 190,000 square miles. Its boundary lies mostly within Nevada and crosses into parts of California, Idaho, Utah, and Oregon. To the West loom the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and to the East, the Wasatch/Rocky Mountains. The Snake River Plain marks the Northern boundary, and the Mojave Desert defines its Southern terminus. In the Eastern portion of the desert, visitors can tour the Great Basin National Park in the state of Nevada.







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